PLEAS HELP - Searching for s.b. who can help with an order..

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PLEAS HELP - Searching for s.b. who can help with an order..

Postby soferl » Fri Jan 01, 2021 6:52 pm


happy new year! I'm searching for someone who is able to help, with a order. The item is limeted to sell to 2 Januar 2021.
I could not order, because my Prepaid Credit card is not acceptet, the second G Pay do not offer Paypal.

It the ROME Streaing Poster and the Roma Blacket,

Please help, i do not want to pay horrible prices on ebay, teh poster is about 1000 Dollor for buy.

I can offer a paypal payment or a bactransfer (in europe) with pdf-file

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Re: PLEAS HELP - Searching for s.b. who can help with an ord

Postby evsgjamm » Wed Nov 17, 2021 2:47 am

Did ya ever get the help you were lookin for? I check this site every few months / years it seems lol. Sorry I don't have the poster.
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