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Pearl Jam Posters for sale

PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2022 11:11 pm
by alngtheway
I am looking to sell some of my Pearl Jam Posters. Please message me if interested and we can try to figure something out. Pictures can be provided of course.

1) Cincinnati 2003 Ames - Has a scuff mark top right but otherwise nothing wrong.

2) East Troy 2003 Ames.

3) New York City 1996 Sutton. This one is in poor condition (first PJ show and knew nothing about poster collecting/care). Has creases and marks. May frame out relatively alright if someone just wants to have a copy of it.

If people have other poster interest, I have a few others as well from Kozik, Jay Ryan, and Shepard Fairey. Can list those as well if there is interest, or you can look at my available trades on the EB site.