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New Poster Artist

Postby devinjammer » Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:09 pm

I came across a guy that's stepping into the gig poster market on facebook (Mostly in the Official Ten Club Group - if any of you belong I'm sure you've seen his posts) but he has some AMAZING poster designs. Just thought I'd share his link with you because I'm now a huge fan of his and feel he deserves some recognition. P.S. Don Pedleton & David Welker even mentioned him recently so I think that's gotta say something. Just thought I'd do my part as a fan of Pearl Jam and a Fan of JSUke's work as he has tons of Pearl Jam demo stuff - unfortunately not for sale, but you can see some his awesomeness on his website, Just look for JSuke D7 Design Studio or go to or he's on facebook too at

Pedleton is one of my favorites and if he's backing this gent, I think that speaks volumes....maybe you won't share my enthusiasm but I think the more he does the better he's getting. His latest is below. MISSING LINKS MAN! MISSING F'N LINKS from 2000. :-)

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Re: New Poster Artist

Postby 5_against_Louis » Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:12 pm

THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks for posting. Why on earth would this not be found anywhere else - I would so buy at least half of his PJ stuff if it was ever available!!!!!!
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