BRAD @ Easy Street 4-21-2012 Video

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BRAD @ Easy Street 4-21-2012 Video

Postby monkeewrench » Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:02 pm

For those interested, below are links to some videos I shot of Brad’s performance at Easy Street. Due to an unfortunate button push towards the end of Don’t Cry there are two separate videos. Fortunately I think I only missed 5-10 seconds of Don't Cry, but there is another video shot by someone else for this song (available @ Also provided below is the audio which was recorded from the Sirius broadcast.

Brad video (Pt 1):
· The Only Way
· Diamond Blues
· Waters Deep
· Reason To Be
· Don’t Cry

Brad video (Pt 2):
· Last Bastion

Brad audio (mp3):
Brad audio (flac):

Also – here’s a link to video (not mine) of Dierk’s performance with Mike doing Just Breathe: Here’s a link to a snippet of their performance of Dead Flowers with Star Anna as well:

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