Columbus 05/06/2010

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Columbus 05/06/2010

Postby Given_to_Jam » Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:06 am

This show was so amazing.

It was my first show and I loved it. I had hoped the band would be signing stuff and we got there around four which was 3and a half hours before the show started. We bought the columbus tee (my two friends and I). I spent my time heckling the scalpers there and i and trying to trade for a spot in 109 because my friends bought seperate, then we went to the charity raffle and bought tickets but no luck. I got a brian shaffer missing button and bracelet from the event which i wore happily. Once the doors opened we went in and I sat by my friends until band of horses got off the stage. I was the one texting the setlist to the tenclub btw. and I'm glad we got to hear mike solo for "dead flowers" and what is now being called "That's All Right". heres what my partner in crime posted as the setlist:

Mike's preset: Dead Flowers (Jagger, Richards), That’s All Right, new song for Mike’s son (McCready)

Set List: Oceans, Given To Fly, Corduroy, Got Some, World Wide Suicide, Faithfull, Small Town, Amongst The Waves, Even Flow, Comatose, Marker In The Sand, Unthought Known, Grievance, Alone, The Fixer, Do The Evolution

1st encore: Just Breathe, Black, State Of Love And Trust, Spin The Black Circle, Go

2nd encore: Come Back (dedicated to Brian Shaffer), Once, Hail Hail, Crazy Mary (Williams), Alive, Yellow Ledbetter ... us+fanview

I won't lie I didn't know comatose, I couldn't remember the name of it, but i figured it out abt halfway through marker or maybe while ed talked abt prayer day. I didn't know grievance at all because It is one of two songs I was unable to find from a site for live show downloads and I didn't have that cd yet. The way I heard it during the show it sounded like a cover. It didn't sound like what I knew at all. but I loved it.

It was awesome to here the lyric change in given to fly then during amongst the waves a guy got almost caught smoking a joint right behind me. The prayer day thing was awesome. And after the dedication to brian shaffer befor comeback i had like ten people comment on my button. They wished they couldve got one and said itd be cool if the entire crowd had one to show we all care and want to find him or at least know what happened to him.

We tried to get a poster each after the show but found them sold out.

I wanted to start a "why go home?" chant after yellow ledbetter but quickly decided that I couldnt possibly ask more of them after the show.

My favorite moments were "Alive", seeing everyone fist pumping and singing, and the look of amazement on eddie's face as he sat on the edge of the stage during yellow ledbetter.
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